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Tikvat Israel Congregation Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal For 2022-2023 / 5783

Tikvat Israel Congregation’s mission is to engage, embrace, inspire, and empower our Jewish community. We are grateful you have chosen to remain a part of our community in this coming year! 

Please help us plan for the upcoming year by filling in this Membership Renewal Form. It is important that we get an accurate count of our members and of the revenue that we can expect to receive over the year. This knowledge – along with timely and full payment of dues – helps us provide quality programming and services to deepen our relationships with each other and Judaism, pay our clergy and staff, heat/cool/clean and maintain our building, and ensure the financial viability of Tikvat Israel. An accurate count of members at the beginning of the fiscal year also helps Tikvat Israel determine its own dues obligation to the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ).


First Name (Adult 1)

Last Name (Adult 1)

Email (Adult 1)

Cell Phone (Adult 1)

If there is a second adult in your home, please fill in this section: 

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2022-2023 Schedule of Membership Dues and Fees

     FAMILY       SINGLE   
Under 30 $1,860 $1,125
30-67 $3,400 $2,230
68 and Over $1,860 $1,125
ECC Families  $360 $180

In addition to dues, a $125 per household security fee is charged annually (waived for ECC Families).

Newlyweds are given the first year of membership free (USCJ policy) and all other new members receive a 50% discount in the first year of membership dues.


Please select one of the following:

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If you would like to request dues assistance, please answer the question below and fill out the Dues Assistance Form and return it to the office as soon as possible (no later than August 15, 2022). 

If you would like to discuss a payment arrangement or dues reduction, please check the appropriate box:

Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783